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  We at York Computer Services recognize that each organization has unique needs and requirements, and our technical support offerings are designed with this in mind. When you have questions, we'll find the answers, and provide the best support you need, with everything from fast and knowledgeable remote support to live help in your office.

In addition to traditional IT support, we are proud to offer the YCSI Managed Services Program with our state-of-the-art system that checks your computer infrastructure's health every few minutes.

  We efficiently support even the smallest of companies. Our flexible service plans can deliver value to your business even when managing only few workstations, with or without the server. Our management software runs on both workstation and server platforms. For complete network management we need at least one server.

  Absolutely! If you would like to see the value that we deliver, without making a big commitment, contact us and ask about our Trial Period offer.

  Our onsite tech support is available weekdays from 9AM until 5PM, and in most cases we will be able to dispatch technician on the same business day.

  Change of service provider can be difficult sometimes. However, we will take care of everything in the transition process, from initial situation assessment to the moment your technology becomes our responsibility. We will even tell you when to call, and what to ask your old computer support provider (if there's one). We are different than other providers - it costs nothing to talk to us, and you don't have to invest thousands of dollars just to start benefiting from our services.

Call us today and you could have your IT department tomorrow!

  We are proud to support clients throughout Southern Ontario, including York Region and the Greater Toronto Area.

  We think that you will be so comfortable with how our service fits in with your business that you will want to work with us for many years. If, at any time, you decide differently, it is easy to cancel the service. Just contact your Account Manager - we will even help you transition to the new provider.

  Our friendly support team is standing by. Contact us now!